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District Secretary - Mr.M.Uthayakumar

Performing administration in the District and implementing development programme with the close monitoring and coordinating all line Ministries & NGOos according to the Government procedures and maintain the welfare of the people.

Uplifting Batticaloa District as an important District of Sri Lanka which has to become a significant place in Asia through upgrading the livelihood of people, maintaining social and cultural values and documenting historical important values.

T.P : 065 - 2224435


Additional Government Agent – Mrs.S.Srikanth

Strengthening the District administration through guiding the activities of Divisional Secretary’s and other Institutes in District under the approval of the District Secretary/Government Agent

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Additional Government Agent (Land) – Mrs.N.Mukunthan

Settle the Land's disputes in all fourteen(14) Divisional Secretariat, and guidlines to divisional secretariat with regards to land's issues and other duties in District under the approval of the District Secretary/Government Agent

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Assistant District Secretary - Mr.A.Naveswaran

Assisting duties to perform content administration activities and various development efforts in the District under the guidance of Government Agent/District Secretary and Additional Government Agent.

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Director Planning - Mrs.S.Punniyamoorthy

Implement all the matters related to Planning Secretariat of Batticaloa under the guidance of District Secretary/Government Agent to supervise resettlement and reconstruction programs and guide with excellence through skill work of the District Planning Secretariat basing on 05 Years District Plan development.

T.P: 065-2223151


Chief Accountant - Mr.K.Jegatheeswaran

Doing financial management to perform development, welfare, disaster relief and administration in the District to a commendable level and doing the financial responsibility for people through the financial report.

T.P : 065 - 2222154

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Chief Internal Auditor – Mrs.I.Mohan

Conducting internal audit activities on system analysis and performance analysis, in addition to financial auditing and conducting special investigations to ensure the credible accountability to the stakeholders.

T.P : 065 - 2229232


Accountant – Mr.K.Premakumar

Performing the Financial duties which necessity for development and Administration of the District to give a highest level service for the public.

T.P : 065 - 2222492

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District Engineer - Mr.T.Suman

Monitoring, Supervising and developing construction activities of the District Secretariat and other departments which are assigned by the Government Agent/District Secretary.

T.P : 065 - 2226597


Office Assistant/Administrative Officer – Mr.K.Thayaparan

Assisting duties to strengthening and maintaining internal administration under the direction of District Secretary and Additional District Secretary, ensure delivery the excellence public service in the Secretariat.

T.P : 065 - 2222365

Director Planning - Mr.R.Neduncheliyan, SLPS I


Our Vision
To Provide effective and efficient services To people By strengthening the district administration

Our mission

Strengthening the Divisional administration,get corporation of all sectors to implement government policies,maximize the use of resources in proper development process to provide maximum welfare to people

The District of Batticaloa takes its name from the Principal town of the same name, which was originally known as Batticaloa or Puliyanduwa. The name Batticaloa or Maticaloa is derived from “Madu Kalappu” Which Signifies “Muddy Swamp”. The district extends for a distance of 130Km along the east cost of the Island, from Periya Kallar in the south to the Verugal aaru in the North.

Dr.C.A.Kricken beck, Colonial Surgeon has an interesting note on Batticaloa, Which is worth quoting. The Island of Batticaloa he says “Called” Puliyantivu – Tamarind Island Situated in the middle of the Lake about four miles from where it opens in to the Sea, has been called with propriety. A narrow start separates it on the west and south from mainland and from another Island Called “Batticaloa Island” Friesland are the most important and the Largest in the District. It is immense tract of paddy field, about ten miles in circumstance and only a few feet above the level of the lake by which it is sour rounded.

There are in addition, Several small island of no great importance, one is called Bone Island from the circumstance that an Asst. Govt. Agent Mr.Bone built a small bungalow upon it. Strange musical sounds are Supposed to be heard issuing from the bottom of the lake a several places, both above and below ferry opposite the old Dutch fort.

The musical Sounds are heard at night and most distinctly when the moon is nearest   the fall and   when there is not much wind. About the eight century Arab traders came and settled in the district and founded the Muham  maden community. Batticaloa was taken by the Portuguese in 1622 and retained till 1639, when the Dutch made themselves masters of the place. The first visit of the Dutch was in 1602 and the second in 1603. The Dutch Admiral Spilbergan entered the river of Batticaloa on May 29,1603.

In may 1870, Batticaloa was made the head quarters of the Government Agent  and Trincomalee was made in turn the Asst. Agency.

The first Government Agent was R.W.T.Morris.

Source : Manograph of the Batticaloa District.

1921: S.O.kanaharetnam, Chief Mudaliyar.