Distribution of Government Institutions by Divisional Secretary's Division
S.No D.S. Division Institute of Local Government Electoral Division Birth, Death and Marriage Registrars Division
1 Manmunai North MC, Batticaloa Batticaloa Manmunai North
2 Kattankudy UC, Kattankudy Batticaloa Kattankudy
3 Koralai Pattu North PS, Vaharai Kalkudah Koralaipattu North
4 Koralai Pattu Central Nil Kalkudah Koralai Pattu Central
5 Koralai Pattu West PS, Oddamavadi Kalkudah Koralai Pattu West
6 Koralai Pattu PS, Valaichenai Kalkudah Koralai Pattu
7 Koralai Pattu South Nil Kalkudah Koralai Pattu South
8 Eravur Pattu PS, Chenkalady Batticaloa/ Kalkudah Eravur Pattu
9 Eravur Town PS, Eravur Town Batticaloa Eravur Town
10 Manmunai West PS, Vavunathivu Batticaloa Manmunai West
11 Manmunai Pattu PS, Arayampathy Batticaloa Manmunai Pattu
12 Manmunai South West PS, Paddipalai Paddiruppu Manmunai South West
13 Porathivu Pattu PS, Palukamam Paddiruppu Porathivu Pattu
14 Manmunai South & EP PS, Kaluthavalai Paddiruppu Manmunai South & EP


Distribution of Government Institutions by Divisional Secretary's Division
S.No D.S. division Police Area Agrarian Service Area
1 Manmunai North Batticaloa, Kattankudy Kallady
2 Kattankudy Kattankudy Kattankudy
3 Koralai Pattu North Vaharai Vaharai
4 Koralai Pattu Central Valaichenai Valaichenai
5 Koralai Pattu West Valaichenai Valaichenai
6 Koralai Pattu Valaichenai, Kalkudah Valaichenai
7 Koralai Pattu South Valaichenai Kiran, Valaichenai
8 Eravur Pattu Eravur Karadiyanaru, Vantharumoolai,  Eravur
9 Eravur Town Eravur Koduwamadu
10 Manmunai West Vavunathivu, Ayithiyamalai Ayithiyamalai, Mandapaththadi
11 Manmunai Pattu Kattankuddy Arayampathy
12 Manmunai South West Kokkadicholai Thanthamalai, Kokadicholai
13 Porathivu Pattu Vellaveli, Kaluwanchikudy Vellaveli, Palukamam, Mandur
14 Manmunai South & EP Kaluwanchikudy Kaluwanchikudy
Source: District Statistical Branch , Batticaloa